still nervous still making

I have been sharing my sleeve patterning progress on Instagram (TheFrockChick) because it is such a cool exploration of extant patterns I know very well and how I would make them now.

I have managed to find a way to make the spirals work as spirals!

This is my prefered shape. But I have only seen this Dog Leg pattern for fitted sleeves. And I have a whole article to write up about those! So I went back to what I know is in the various pattern books for full sleeves and worked backwards to get something I think actually would have been the go to for tailors.

I keep my back seam, which allows for an opening to the cuff, and the angles of the panes are shallow at the top and acute at the bottom.

I will get photos and do a proper post about the whole thing but I managed to find a vintage saree woven with metal and a delicate scrolling design!

Normally that pattern would be a beige thread over most of the background but I checked all views (yay for sellers who show the entire length and the reverse of their saree!) and it is gold! the green is not ideal but I also know these respond very well to RIT colour remover. The main body is that pattern on red so I can even just avoid that altogether. There is also a lattice border for other projects!

A perfect match? No. But I agonised over this for so long that I decided to get a compromise in my budget that would also help in my teaching. The gold is metal. It responds very differently to even the very best metal and plastic combo. So I’m hoping to be able to share what real metal feels like and reacts. It is very hot to iron for one!

And when the Sartor Margarete fabric becomes available again I’ll be in on the pre-order!

All of this is three days before my carpal tunnel surgery.

I’m finding it hard because I am scared about the consequences of having a wrist so degraded by erosion. Infection I am prepared for. I have learnt what are danger signals and when to call in reserves. I’m just in a position where the damage from erosion is like 90% of my issues that I wonder if the risk is worth that 10% improvement.

But I also know that I will risk further damage to my nerves without this.

It’s just not the same equation that most people know, and even within RA patients we have different outcomes.

So. I will be very proactive and if my hand feels weird outside of what I know will be weird I will press for investigation.

I am still very much not okay though. But I am very definitely hopeful- any function I can protect or retain I am all on board for. Which is again why the equation is not easy- I want every possible therapy and help I can get hold of. It’s the risks that are unknown that are hovering.