Surgery in 9 days

First carpal tunnel surgery is on for next Wednesday. I am extremely nervous. It’s very common surgery, my wait reflected how many people get it done. I do need to check if my current skin problems will cause issues. So I’m seeing my GP tomorrow to get him to look at my hands and be honest. I am not sure if my DMARD needs to be stopped, not sure if there is enough time for it to make changes. As it designed to slow down my immune system it”inhibits the reproduction of rapidly dividing cells…” But this also includes skin cells and hair follicles. So this in effect is why skin infections are kind of doubly likely to happen.

So will nine days be enough to reduce that risk? Is 9 days long enough for me to get antibacterial cream working (is Bactroban being made again?) Ah ” elimination half-life of 14–18 days ” hmmmmmmmm. maybe?