SWTOR update

As per my previous post I have now caught up thanks to friendos 🙂 So yes, very latest mission (no spoilers.)

I think Malora is just miffed I’m basically wandering around in her gear but in no so serious tones. Space Candy Armour!

Ossus is really really lovely! And this mission was scaled well 🙂 I mean it is mostly exploring but it’s essentially a guide to doing dailies later. Or now. Might still keep on my GSI stuff to eventually get one of the vehicles.

The start of Jedi Under Seige, or middle(?), brings Vanilla characters back including [SPOILER]. This image is after saying Bye Felicia and this pose and the music makes it seem like this is not the last time we see them. I mean that expression right?

And just a moment to appreciate the beauty and care taken in creating the worlds we play in. This planet is starting to come back to life and look! It starts with moss!

All the scenery is beautiful and complex and the music and ambient sounds ditto. I do have to leave the game fairly frequently but all this gorgeousness is part of why I play. Story too.

Speaking of. By now I think most people know that the JUS expansion forces us into choosing sides. There are I think four results in total, but only two presented. It was really well handled. I am a bit hesitant still but so far I’ve been mostly able to play my main the way I always have- grew up under one faction, was not actually impressed with the way things are run, really didn’t like how anyone was handling power, and eventually gave up on the solo life to make a difference.

So I was able to make a few choices that reflect that.