that pattern book

It’s getting a bit out of hand so I will need to think of different ways to format it. And that may mean taking down the preview and working my way chapter by chapter.

I am at the point I feel my hand drawn sketches are much easier to understand than the line art but the line art over all allows for a book version to be flipped through with the figures and patterns in the exact same place which allows for quickly finding what is needed but also to see how the patterns develop from simple to complex.

The list of patterns I am adding is daunting mostly from trying to fit in with how the line art is produced. And expectations about scaling patterns.

But I do have a list. I’m slowly adding in the Spanish elements as they are built on the same principles (funnily enough) as well as outerwear. So this in theory should be able to be adapted for every style.

I have a totally different approach to cutting than pretty much everyone I teach. Which is making this book a challenge. For me I just need the pattern pieces. And that’s mainly to work out how much fabric to use. I know when to line with what and how. For many eras.

I definitely am a better renaissance era cutter and fitter because I have worked on other eras. How to get that into a book focused on a smaller window of time?

And the process of creating a test pattern is nearly the opposite of constructing a garment and neither have simple progression. There is a fair bit of going back and forth.

I need to find a way to explain that but without making the process seem daunting or, on the flipside, patronising.