fitting a fashionable fit

I want to do a blog post/article about proportion and the ideal in historic dress. I need it as a part of my pattern book especially so that people* can use the patterns and understand how to use them to find their own magic balance between ideal historical shape, fit, and what they want to really focus on.

I am finding it easier in all areas exempt the Saxon princess styles. But Nurnberg? Faber? Bruyn? I gotcha. And it’s great because these styles really do WERK when you have the confidence to go off the shoulder- trust me there is nifty but easy engineering.

And my system does WERK for every body I just need to prove it and I need to find examples in art to illustrate that this is an historic approach.
I have my own frustrations with not matching the ideal certain eras (like now, just oh so much.) And I also recently had my eyes open to how to make the 1920s WERK for me. That was so incredibly freeing and made me really excited about making vintage gear for deco and later events here.
Yes I am using WERK because it is about trying to feel fabulous not just oh it works.

*(yes people I fully embrace non-cis-female people using these because I love these frocks and I just want everyone to feel confident in making them and wearing them, please,please, please, use my pattern/ fit brain if you are out there not sure if what I do is for you, yes it is).