It’s been a week of extreme introspection, weariness, and wariness, so before I post about costumes I’d like to use whatever platform I have to connect.

For anyone in Aotearoa the 1737 support line is there. It is there for everyone. Any time. It is free (you may get a message from your carrier that a text could not be sent- they say it will be.)

If you would like to help there are a few official charitable accounts, please, please listen to local voices on this.


https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/christchurch-shooting-victims-fund (this is also the page our national support agencies are directing people to.)

For those still trying to contact families:


There is a direct link from there for those who need to travel here- visa information etc.

I am okay, emotionally I’m not, but right now and for some time if anyone would like to reach out, please reach out to the above first. The website has and is always intended as a conduit to teach or help others. This is no different.