sooo.. Freya is back on the cards

I recently shared some of my art on instagram (@thefrockchick) of my own variations on The Snow Queen so it’s a fantastic coincidence that today I finally found some non-woven faux suede which is exactly what I need to recreate this gown which has also been on my must do list.

This gown was originally made from leather. It was dyed black and the skin side silver leafed and the reverse painted with a mica pigment that is a rich blue.

I can’t really afford that amount of leather not the weight (it’s about 35kg-40kg from what I remember) and the material I have is already over 10kg.

I worked out the pattern of the scales over a year ago but didn’t really attempt to work out actual amounts of “leather” needed. I should have enough if I am really careful and possibly not have quite an epic train. It might be a matter of a half meter short.

I do know how to treat the material to get the silver and blue sides (I’ll use “Misty Blue” Pearlx pigments, and probably resolene to bond it to the material) I just really need to get my template perfect to be able to make a scale pattern.

For the silver side I will probably also use pigments but maybe in a urethane paint system- I have gold and I think the silver will work especially if I also powder the urethane down so that there are particles that are embedded and some that are tacked down on one side.

But I love this costume because it uses both the familiar and unfamiliar. Woven leather and shot organza, a very loose gauze, and faceted beads.

It’s also basically shaped strips which is a challenge for patterning as you need to make sure the grain is aligned to the centre of each panel. So I might do a paper template, divide that and then snip and tape into new shapes.

I have to make some changes to my day to day activities if I want to make this at all, let alone soonish. So I’ll have to set myself some boundaries and stick with them.