modern tech to the rescue

I need to print out my pattern book at mini size because I really need to do some old school type of editing.

Right now I can’t even edit my text as the images are too darn big. And I do have to draw all the construction images by hand and add in seam allowances for everything. So I need to take the images out and use a board to let me know where to add images later.

I am pondering also scale. I am definitely getting my “how to read the Spanish Manuals” in there because it actually is really easy and weirdly is very easy to convert to metric.

But I finally got the base of my new perlenwerk design sorted. But I need to change it a bit. It looks nice but I need some nice clean svg files and while sure I have, I also need to convert to 12″ by 12″.

I have been hunting out super hi resolution images of pearlwork from outside of NRW to try and show how I am following the track I am for my work. There are several ways to use pearls and one technique is not the same as the other. Luckily I have found one more example of the extreme dimension I need for one project 🙂

bad news is there are very few really good high res images. Good news is I managed to find a really good photocopier and a book at one stage that is a zoomed view and is clear enough to show the curves of design popping out from the design.

Bad news is I did not record what book. good news is I think I can hopefully backtrack as it must have been local library as I can’t photocopy at the Uni library. bad new is it’s probably in Central (CBD) good news is it is actually easier to get there than most places in the city.

But I am also going to use my Scan n Cut (like a Cricut but by Brother- the same principle with cutting and drawing.)

So I am going to attempt to use Inkscape to make my designs able to be easily repeatedly transferred.

So I may not need to do that before I head out.

I also finally have my NRW costuming notes in one folder and my book notes tidied in another and NRW research in another.

It’s felt over whelming but I think I can happily just take out all the images from my editing file and get that ready for printing.

I am hoping to create a pdf that recognises layout so the pages that would face in a book face in the document.