koeln embroidery is weird

As per previous instagram posts, maybe here, I am redoing my pearled hat entirely.

I had the first round of pearls laid down in 2006, restored it after the fire (2007-2017 it was unwearable) and now I have finally decided to actually restore it properly. So every pearl has been removed, all the threads carefully picked out and the velveteen bonded to a very soft and flexible fabric so I should be able to safely restore the base entirely.

The problem is while we have Quentel not only printing embroidery designs in Cologne, but also contributing to the patterns, they really do not translate to what the pearl workers were actually doing in the city.

Counted work yes, anything in gold can be at least approximated by the patterns and even the examples of gold on linen seem to line up.

But the pearl work….

It’s just. It’s almost post modern. Or looks like someone took one of the modelbucher and a distorting mirror and decided a centre line in meaningless..

But there is a pattern in that apparent chaos. There are a few very clear repeated patterns that help us to be able to think like a pearl embroiderer of the time and place.

But I have been stalling on getting my timeline up and running.

I do not want someone to “pin” my page and a year later have zero context. So I am putting as much info as I can into the filenames, into alt text and into every element of meta data.

On hundreds of images and dozens of detail images of each.

But I do now think I know how to handle all of that. I may have to learn a new CMS to be able to handle images the way I want to. Really not sure why WP has been so resistant to allowing this but that is where we are. Images filed by date works very well for a blog, not at all well for pages where you may need to update a month, a year, two years later.