Who wouldn’t use academia if I was to upload my research there?

This is not a rhetorical question I am trying to find the best option based on multiple considerations.

I use it a fair bit to get access to articles otherwise hidden behind paywalls. But I know it’s not possible to search for articles (I need to actually start using it properly though.) And I know a PDF has limitations for text to speech readers.

I just am finding a blogging platform not ideal for scholarly articles.

Also, wow. So gold everywhere. It’s not just a case of valuing the gold itself but also having as many different techniques as possible. And I think I have spotted a few repeated articles which is amazing. With the written guild records and personal accounts it’s a bit more of a glimpse into daily life by being able to image how that comes to be. A workshop with several people working in different ways and records and work books.

I Do frocks not just the aesthetic but as a launch to understand people. I get annoyed when costume is treated as unimportant or frivolous. It’s so deeply personal and yet is the direct result of thousands of years of human history. We can rebel against fashion or use it. But it still is a super complicated subject.

Also I am starting to feel a connection to the people. This is both through the art (I have several portraits of the same women, or relatives, through several decades) and written work. Even stripped down summaries of legal proceedings have had an impact. Emotional too. Harsh a lot of the time.

I’m having trouble with galleries and search/tag/category options in themes here so my timeline of images is stalling again. So I may have to spend a bit of time with alt text and media settings. It would be great if there was a way to use attachment pages only for certain media types but that’s not how WP works. And I’m not totally confident in mixing other databases and front end content.