new information

Oh! While I’m here.. it’s so funny. As soon I wrote, somewhere not sure where, that I hadn’t seen a mitred corner in shirt collars… I find one.

Amazing to be able to see that. The majority of my images are not clear but there are enough really good ones now to be able to do this.

So I’ve seen eased around a corner, butted corners and now a mitred corner. Not seeing a pattern as to date or type but well, it’s great because I have used all of these 🙂

Fibro has currently made itself felt today (starts being tender like a bruise all over and moves into muscle spasms fairly quickly after) so I am having a very forced break.

But I am about ready to convert a couple of chemises into Lemberg style garments. There is just too much circumstantial evidence that these were actually used a lot.

We have all the imagery for one, but also the Poysdorf finds basically include a single layer sleeveless and skirted garment as well as two cropped shirts. Also several ‘little” shirts as well as other kinds in the 1519 inventory. It makes so much sense cost wise as well and comfort. My sheer chemise bunched up under my skirts and my heavier shirts with very little fullness stay put and are much cooler in summer and warmer in winter to wear.

It’s kind of an interesting situation to be in. I’m effectively doing what Elsabeth Horns did which is to make over over garments rather then buy new.