more curating and a purse frame beginning

I have now only 43 images to try and track down. There is one that was recently sold at auction and it is the only listing not left on the original auction site. I am not guessing why but it means the full sized image is now only for sale from those auction aggregation sites.

But I have all my bildindex images sorted, and that was tough. The new site doesn’t seem to have most NRW images back. But the old site loads faster now so there are definitely improvements behind the scene. I seem to have lost how to get the full sized images but hey, screencaps.

Also the first layer of knead-it has been applies to my purse. Next step, sand that back, including the metal as there is still a gloss on the outer edges.

The linen for the Maria gown has had as much colour removed as is humanly possible. I really need a bluing agent, or it may be a soak in napisan.

So I had a lot of concern with the bleach. From other people. So to explain. I have been using the stuff for a long time as did my parents, as did theirs.

But that means respect and a lot of time practicing with the stuff.

I only do this outside. For two reasons, one it speeds up the process in the sun, but also fumes.

I did wash my fabric immediately but it still probably needs a good hand wash with extra soap. So I’ll get something with a bluing agent for this next step.

This is still cheaper than the cost this fabric would have been at full retail.