still sorting

But I think I have finally, finally got a good system. I also have 240G of screen caps from SWTOR and Mass Effect, but I did manage to find and delete the at least two sets of copies of them so… my storage is a lot less messy.

At the moment it’s fairly easy but once I start needing to move pdfs I’m in trouble. I have three pdf viewers. One is super zippy but doesn’t create preview thumbnails, and the other two do but they load incredibly slow. And one keeps accessing far more memory and network than it needs. So… What I may do is see if reader number three will get me the thumbnails needed.

I do also have a backup of all my photos, my website (probably multiple times given I keep changing folder names).

On the upside I have now had to look at every single image in my stash and so refamiliarising myself with a whole lot of resources. Including some that I am keeping in case it will be of interest for others.

So that is what is currently keeping me away from my blog. I am simply moving the files I need to create these posts around so much that I need them to be properly tidied first.