Apparently I have stashed all my reference images on a harddrive. Yay. But I apparently wanted to keep them all in context which has led to folders nested in folders and weird mix ups. So it’s taking a lot longer to get them all sorted and backed up safely. What I will be doing is batch renaming files to make it easier if I ever wind up having to extract images from nested folders again.

Meanwhile my last purse frame has shipped. It’s literally a frame for my own sculpt over it. I sooo want the little lions. 

So cunning plan is to use steel Knead it to fill in the gaps in the frame. It is a bit heavy, but iron would be as well. But it really is not too brittle if mixed accurately and it does genuinely stick to metal. The alloy frame is probably about the same level of brittle so it’s a good match.

I’m hoping to have something that is functional enough to use and get used to and then be able to mold and cast more functional pieces. Ditto with a few jewelry items I really want as well.