persistence pays off

In other words I am back in my own storage of research. I found another example of the technique I was after so hooray! But also found the image of half length shirts I am using as an inspiration for my own kit.

Linen now costs a heck of a lot and it’s also a heck of a lot hotter where I live. So reducing layers of gathered fabric around the body is going to have this double effect of being able to save money and reduce heat.

I also found a bundle of images of women in sleeveless linen garments that are fitted through the body. They were not my research so I want to try and find the source of them before putting them in my own. With the Lemberg finds, the chemise in Koehler and the Poysdorf finds (the one with the half length shirts) I think we can justify this sort of arrangement a lot more now than ever before. And that’s fantastic. The artwork was telling us this, but now we have enough information to back it up.

I also found photos of the cutie frog needle case again 🙂 And a pattern for a pineapple purse. Both of which I very much want to recreate.