finally making headway

I’ve been collecting all the references I can that I have seen in secondary sources so that I can look at them in context. In most cases I have found the full record and a handful of scans, and even transcriptions. It’s not always a perfect method for identification as personal records are especially prone to a kind of shorthand like this:

for wine and clothing….[amount of money]

But for long inventories and for state documents it is handy. I’ve been able to narrow a few terms down based on the order they appear in. This is true in clothing ordinances. Unfortunately I still haven’t found a clear full clothing ordinance inside the Nordrhein. The Westfalen one is fascinating, and there is a connection so it has been useful.

And I may be able to find more now that I have access to a few more guild and trade related items.

It is a lot to try and understand, and I am trying to not only find the names of items but to find out how they were made and sold. Or imported!