files sorted

Well the most important ones anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ My Nordrhein files are now sorted in such a way that I know where the inventories are, where the ordinances are. I have information about embroiderers and silk workers even!ย 

Apparently I have 639 files, I think I have finally cleared the majority of double ups. Though I do have multiple scans of some books so I can find the best text to copy directly.

But I finally can say I think I do know what to use as generic terms for each clothing item and then give all the examples of alternative terms.

It took the week to do though. So many files. Also a whole bundle where two volumes were scanned as one so it meant having to dig around for indexes which could be at the start and middle or middle and end. That was fun..

But clothing ordinances! I have region specific, guild information, and I think the emperor’s 1530s. But I need a break, some pain relief andย