I have it!

I’ve been struggling with getting the written documentation of North Rhine dress up in a format that is easy to read and understand and above all how to actually write it out.

I have a lovely stash of words and a great deal of pictorial information but there are only a few places where they meet with any real surety. 

I also have realised I am missing my ruffs, again, and sleeves now as well. I really wish I knew how and why. I am missing a heavy wool goller too. hmmm.

Anyway. I also found my cut shirt and I may see if I can turn it into a very short shirt so I can also make a fitted chemise to wear with it. I may even be able to make my gathered shirt short and wear it likewise. In the written records “gin” is used a lot, I mean a lot, to describe garments. It does seem to be a diminutive as it’s also added to names as well. 

I have also finally been able to possibly confirm a theory I have so I’m going to be also delving into that.

And I’m also going to copy the contents of my blog post to my pages as I think it’s an interesting article and I am worried that I’ll not find a way to use it in my articles side of this site.

I’m also still gathering information as well as tidying the information I have. It’s been 12 years and in some ways I am still in the same place and in others I think I have the opportunity to expand what is understood.