I recently won an auction for a knitting pattern book that I loved as a kid. I couldn’t afford every single Sindy but I had a few and so this booklet allowed me to use my imagination and imagine what the dolls got up to.

I think it was particularly great because the front page was a lovely long dress with ruffles and then there were two “business” outfits and then two disco outfits.

I lucked into finding it again. 

But I have been tidying because I believe I am missing one of my original Sindy dolls and I think I have a second hand Sindy ballerina mixed in by accident.

All of them however need some major intervention. Most Sindy’s only had hair as the centre part and around the hairline. I have my sleepy eyed Sindy that does have a lot of hair but I think my Sindy that was in the dress was my very special hairdressing one.

I was so lucky to have a couple of sets. One was the bathroom with working shower (well it was a pump but still) and very definitely had a set of hair styling. And the oven! I loved that oven. And I had the four bedroom “house” (not all set pieces.)

But I do seem to have lost one of my favourite Barbies. I thad three I really liked. Peaches n Cream (lost her shoes and boa but I still have her dress!) Tropical? (very long hair in very warm tones) and Twisty Curls.

I was trying to remember the recipe I used on my Jetta doll, looks like the MLP community has better sharing of cleaning of this kind of mold. And it’s coming up to summer so they will dry out much better now.

So either use hydrogen peroxide or Vanish, or acne cream