still document sorting

I’m working my way through all my files. Images and texts. Also just watched the New Doctor Who. Really fantastic line in there that I think is very much something I have been pondering and might need to do a full post about. Maybe a post about how useful words of wisdom can be but how they can also fool us into thinking everyone has the same possibility.


SPeaking of I seem to be having trouble typing. Not my usual this now feels like my wrists are too low to rest. Might have to hunt out my little splints as the usual RA specific ones are too long to work with a keyboard.

Tingle tingle goes my left index too…. I’m moving my whole arm to get my fingers over the keys, I recommend trying this. This is an example of simple tasks using up many more resources when you have pain or degenerative disease, or disability. This one is simple. The amount of energy to move arms from the shoulder is obviously a lot more than fingers alone. But also requires all new coordination to hit the right keys. 

And I still have pain. It’s lessened.