ah fork, fibro

It’s so weird. It’s not what people probably think either. Pain isn’t one flavour. And today I’ve got a few going on.

Got the knife in the joints feeling (which feels like when I broke my toe and walked on it. This is in all my fingers and toes. It really feels inflamed and the classic RA test of forming a fist is tough 

My ribs feel like they are broken too, which I know because again been there. Not like the initial break like the first month.

There is pain in back that is touch sensitive. It feels like I slept on a rock. Touching the skin hurts. This one is very weird because that one spot is that hyper sore and there is a spreading muscle pain that is wrapping around my ribs.

It has been a while since this kind of pain. And because it’s now affecting how I walk (as I typed) I have had to change plans and back up plans and back up back up plans.