a kranz reference

So exciting! So a kranz is a piece of jewelry you see a lot. Well not a lot a lot but enough to recognise that they are definitely for unmarried people and that regionally it differs aesthetically but also real wreaths seem to be for very specific events. Rosemary is directly related to marriage but I have seen donor family portraits where every child is wearing wreaths. Also some very sad portraits of children alone.

So. The portrait I have recreated has two girls in the same dress and haube and with matching krantz that are clearly strung pearls. It’s hard to say they are wired as they hang rather than sit.

The sumptuary law does mention pearled kranz specifically and how much it could be worth according to rank. So that’s a really nice piece of documentation for what I had assumed was going on.

So far I have also seen warnings about gold chains and of the knife sets you see in the de Bruyn costume book and lots of wall paintings all over the place.

Okay and now I find the gold kranz. Hmm. I need to properly format this to translate properly. Ooh a bride could have twelve linen haube. Two gold haube. There is mention of one gold knitted haube. And other kinds of twisted haube. Wow.

Most of this is specific to marriage, including basically a description of what happens all day including dancing.

Of specific importance is the use of the word “rock” to mean dress. Over and under dresses. I’m better at translating than google but even so lots of items that are basically “lengths of cloth” are going to need a little more work- mostly they mean veil but I think I skimmed past an apron. And there is a fair amount of fur and linings. Silk is often used alone as a description and then also damask and and different kinds of weaves. okay I think I was right, mostly veils.

But I do have a few more inventories to also transcribe to put into my spreadsheet. This is just great because it’s a document that had to be more carefully written and have more consistent spelling than the personal documents I have been going through. 

Oh these are gold. Gah. It would have been brilliant to have had this as  start. I can now tell what kind of headwear is made of linen if not named. *flails*I could make an entire wardrobe from this!!!!!!!! AIEEEE!!!!!

And in weird coincidence I’m about to write “but it’s not Cologne” and The Chase question what city is [x km] south of Cologne.. Bonn. The answer was Bonn.

Anyway. This is still not a perfect match to pick apart the more western North Rhine garments as it’s later and terms had already shifted. But, it is probably the equivalent of a Rosetta stone for me.