down the rabbit hole of site updates

My site now has 150 pages of pages, which is a bit much. Oh and 2,400 posts (remarkable given many of them are frankensteined after the hack.) I’m also concerned that I now have two audiences, at least and that my combined interests undermine each other rather than help. When people see more of the nerd stuff they drift away until I post a prop, and vice versa.

So I have the Ginger Fluff and Mr Carlo and cats ar the clue that holds the web today. Now I am visualising cat spinnerets so that’s now a nightmare,

In the early years of the internet we had lots of niche communities, run by those communities,  that didn’t overlap much, into a truly global community whee we as individuals congregated and were offered space for our communities, and so we could stay in one place and see communities from there. It was a time when we were excited to come across many new interests, but we are moving back to a fair bit of single interest communities again. I see groups creating sub groups and creating secret groups.

I miss the very old days in some ways but not this aspect. Way back then I had separate sites for my separate interests. This was to make sure that no one who had a distaste for “cosplay” would judge my historic work and vice versa.

The truth is I am endlessly curious. I cannot change that about myself. To have to choose between being taken seriously for my research (because frankly, I’m not- not by my peers, not be people new to the ares I have studied for decades) or continue making costumes is not one I think is at all fair and is shortsighted.

If I see a garment that makes me immediately want to recreate it is has everything to do with that research and that curiosity. It has everything to do with my understanding of fabrics, probably a lot of understanding of the weaving history, it comes from immediately recognising references to cultural artifacts. It is a way for me to take these incredible crafts and use them to make something that respects them all.

I rarely get shared on social media for many reasons. Mainly I’m just not commercial enough to be worth the bother. And that has certainly crossed from the cosplay world to the historic world. We have the same hierarchy of those who matter and I am not one of them. I used to be, but the commercialisation that happened hinders someone who cannot afford the studio set up for good photos. And I can’t trade with photographers because they make no money from photos of me and I can’t afford them either. I don’t really like looking at myself so I am not exactly unaware that neither do others!

So I’ve made a series of flip cards to decide what to keep on my site and what I can get rid of. Maybe combine pages. And create cornerstone content be my best work.

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