my golden gown

While it was a wonderful surprise to be able to access the preorder of goldne cloth this is not the first time I have wanted my own gown of gold. Many years ago I made a yellow flemish gown that was inspired by cloth of gold gowns. And I do have a nice hoard of images.

It’s just that I now have a chance to create a gown in the style that I have been pretty enthralled by for over 12 years.

My yellow 1520s Flemish gown. My hair is just long enough again to do this hairstyle.

I was very tempted to recreate this gown in a fabric that is much more accurate but I think I would have needed another meter or more. And to be honest Maria’s little short bishop sleeves seem very fun to try and pattern.

Welcome to the world of 2004 when we did not have the bandwidth to share large files! But it is 2018 so here are some clearer images.

Images from Wiki Commons.

At first glance there are fewer similarities than differences to the Julich-Kleve-Berg style. The closed front to the dress, the lack of guarding, the headdress. One feature is shared- the highly decorated inner neckline.

I am not sure which fabric texture is truly accurate. But back when I made my gown the diamond texture was the easiest to spot- aside from the floral of the Cranach Magdalen.

More recently Frock Flicks shared a snippet of an image of another kind of cloth of gold gown.

I have to admit I can very close to hunting out a plain golden fabric and using heat n bond to create that pattern. It’s possibly now my favourite example. I’m not sure why the Alamy image was unlinked (easily found in an image search though) but there is another painting in the series with the same fabric.

This gown is also tempting because the sleeves are also unexpected. Again fullness at the elbow but not at the wrist.

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