information overlaod

Quite literally. I managed to break my OS by extracting images from something like 2000 pages of pdfs. I think it was closer to 2,500 but that requires me opening them all up again so…. we’ll stick with that.

But it was really fascinating! I finally got then in the order of publishing and I think I may have some new information, maybe not.

I’m also redoing my few pages already published so that I can make sure to get all the files with the same naming convention and to also add in some editorial. I think I need to.

Do I also just add a list of common clothing phrases? before explaining how they have been determined because it’s a really confusing as heck 50 years where some 15thC terms continue, then there is the regional dress that is most populer before at the end of that the spanish fashion coming along and taking over almost entirely by 1585.

Okay do the trachtenbuch first. put captions on all images, and use galleries.

Right. Here we go!

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