new filing conventions

Once upon a time I would share images with my own filename so that I could easily keep track. Forward the 15 years since I created The Frazzled Frau and I have thousands of files from hundreds of sources that were not available back then.

So last night I worked out the best file naming convention. But it only works if I also name all my folders the same and if I also rename the original sources. This makes it impossible to back track as my bookmarks list is also very full.

So I have started to “print” pages to pdf. Or if the code in the page is not clear I’ll save the page as. It’s less convenient but it is how I saved all the images from auction sites back in TFF days 🙂

So today I redo those map files. All the pdfs and I will get the trachtenbuch up today!!!

I also drew a bit of a flow map of all my site elements and it works. Mostly. I have a couple of tutorials that do not really fit anywhere- I may just call them -not-frock files? Maybe.

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