Der Tod

So I have been so excited by my progress of my costume I let out a few hints then just straight up told social media what I am making. (Hello Tumblr where all the fandoms reside 🙂 )

I can keep secrets for other people, but I’m having so much fun that I really want to post as much as possible.


Manato Asaka as Toto in Elisabeth 2016, Takarazuka Review

As a musical theatre graduate of course I am going to be interested in musicals. And of course a musical about a very famous 19thC Empress (Sisi) is also going to pop up on my radar. I have had Ich Geher Nur Mehr on my walking playlist for a long time.

And it wasn’t long before the Takarazuka troupes popped up in searches. Over the years it’s been in my “maybe one day” section of inspiration images. But then this image popped up. And wow. Just wow.

This design is by 有村淳先生 (Atsushi Arimura) for the 2016 production by 宝塚歌劇 (Takarazuka Review.)

Designs from the Takarazuka Review Hall of Fame (seriously so happy so many people have shared photos as it is an amazing exhibit.)

Anyway. So a few more piccies:

(different costume, love this one too.)
(The jacket seems to be reused for the end of Act I but with different pants, Ah, quick changes.) 

And the details, oh wow. The layer I spotted as being over the sequins is not just semi opaque, it’s also wooly. Very wooly. 

  • Sequins? Check
  • nifty wig? Check
  • shiny pants? Check
  • Overly complicated details? Check
  • seam details? Check
  • historic influence? Check
Pattern in progress

Yeah, I don’t really exude the same… ease (certainly not at night with downlighting) but the coat is so lovely so far. I was going to work on the sleeves today so I could start drawing the details but wound up finding so many wonderful resources from fans sharing their photos of at least two exhibits. So now I need to find a way to share them with full credit. Pinterest is buggy for me atm so old fashioned bookmarks are it right now.

Wig which is on the way- there are more tones in the original so I’ll be doing a spot of dyeing.

Obviously I have a lot to do. But with the jacket pattern going so fast I am really content and quite confident about this one.

Also if you get a chance to listen to Zunko ( Shizuki Asato [姿月あさと] ) sing Yami ga Hirogaru with Máté Kamarás do so. It’s pretty amazing. No. Actually amazing.

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