my studio is mine again

It’s taken a while because I have to do it in stages, but I have managed to make my studio feel like it is my space again. Hah, myspace..

I was going to do some patterning today but decided to get some sorting and get to work on clearing my stash after all. I have a lot of photos of my Elsa kits (skirt, bodice, sequins- partly assembled and easy to fit) and cape. 

I had made them for myself, one as my actual dress before I got my other sequin fabric, and one as an historic version (based on a photo I think inspired the actual design as it’s one of Queen Maud’s gowns- Queen of Norway.) But I just don’t see me doing so any more. 

I also found my uncut pattern (Simplicity 3637- the Robe a la Francaise that is actually a really nice, really nice introduction to historic patterns in a modern format) so will be able to send that off too. It’s not my size, I grabbed it because it’s a really nice pattern regardless.

Anyway, I also can get Netflix out there so yay! Got to watch The Good Place which was very nicely fitting.

Now it’s time for a tea and time to update my destash album as I kind of need to get it under control.

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