slight wibble in plans

I need to destash some gear; so I’m looking to part with my silver lace, my stunt Elsa cape and dress parts (more than enough sequins to do the bodice), a Padme.

Also possibly parting with my overlocker- the industrial grade juki. I will take some time to clean the desk but she really needs someone who is more physically able to restore and use her. The fully metal frame slightly limits that! But I would like to know she is being used by someone who will appreciate the speed and quality boost. Also because of how long the foot is it’s very safe- I’ve never come close to hurting myself. I did sew through my nails with a domestic sewing machine though. I was 12.

Anyway. The blip just really reinforces that time runs away when you don’t look and this year certainly has. The current list of things to make has felt overwhelming, right now I am feeling like I can do it. Well. Parts! 

There are several pieces that are cut and assembled but need decorating or are still in lengths of fabrics.

But this new costume, so fun. Terrible. But fun. Slightly more sensible than one I so desperately want to make. Might attempt it next year.

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