inspiration and tidying

So I think it’s pretty clear when I fall for a song, or a gown, or  character, I fall hard.

I have one that I haven’t really shared but it’s come back and there is even better news. This version basically is overly complicated which naturally means it is a must do now.

sleeve detail

This is part of the sleeve (I did a lot of digging to find hi res images which involves learning a fair bit of code to be fair and I feel confident in making my own theme entirely now.)

Note the solid shiny twisting oversized cording, note the tiny sequins that appear to be veiled in a fabric that is not evenly textured.

I was up until 1am with insomnia so I also managed to find a pro shot video of a presentation evening and now have a view of the back and underarm that confirms my theories and now. It looks like Giger designed formalwear.

In the tidying news I am finally trying to part with a few items. My “stunt” Elsa ice cape and my silver lace. I found a much more delicate lace with as many repeats across the width, it’s just a little more expensive.

There may need to be some more time spent on getting inspiration folders tidied. I have my in progress or must do costumes on one drive but a good 15 years of files on another drive that really really needs sorting. It’s just a little slow. But my new glasses are perfect for desktop work, I have a hot water bottle to keep my hands warm and I may also be able to do a proper back up of most items.

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