theft follow up

The insurance company can’t find a replacement for my model. I am not surprised. It is only available now from overseas and often from sites that may contain dupes.

So that’s sad on one hand. It doesn’t really help find mine- even though it is a very uncommon model I doubt it’s being directly sold to the hobby community but instead one of the many second hand markets I can’t get to.

I also have had to look up the missing tools and that was hard as the tools are no longer made. I believe it was a Skil set. I can only find them on IndiaMart right now. Again could be dupes.

I spent all Sunday looking at photos to try to find a photo of this in the background of any photo.

And so that involved looking at all the photos of my Boo in his final days.

That was very hard. It stirred up all the painful memories of the moment. He did not have an easy passing. He was stressed and scared and I still have so much guilt about that. I couldn’t even hold him because he was in so much pain it would have made it worse. But now I wonder if that was right.

I didn’t find any images so I did end the day not feeling terribly great.

I’ve been searching again today and am going to have to draw the line under this.

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