frou frou

I haven’t shared to much of this side of my costuming interest- but I wound up collecting a lot of theatrical costume from the end of the 19thC.

Sarah Bernhardt, Lily Langtry, Ellen Terry, Elanora Duse, Adalina Patti, etc..

One of my all time favourite garments is a heavy brocade princess dress worn by Sarah Berhardt in Frou Frou. I bought a biography just for this view (though these images are from Gallica on BNF.,_New_York._LCCN2005683956.tif

Some of her other costumes are found in Die Mode (Maz von Boehn) as is a portrait of Eleanora Duse in the same role.


Of interest is that these two gowns are very similar in effect. Alternating rows of dark patterned fabric with an open worked material in a pale shade on the tablier.

And no sleeves.

And a high neck.

Meanwhile other costumes worn by Sarah include a gown with perfectly shaped swags all over the tablier. This has also been said to be of her in the lead role of Camille,_Froufrou,_3695,_Photo_W._%26_D._Downey.jpg

And finally a very frothy confection that also happens to have an example of the very long form of cuirasse bodice that doesn’t end in a point but instead sits on the legs. This has also been said to be of her in the lead role of Camille
(I cannot find the original of this particular scan)

The first of the following paintings by G. Clarin is in Die Mode. I hadn’t realised it was indeed based on the real costume above.,_1882.jpg,_Georges_Jules_Victor_-_La_Promenade.jpg