successes this week

  • I got google to verify my site in three ways. 
  • got sitemaps into search console
  • figured out why my site is automatically resolving to the secure version- it’s a good option but I will need to do it all manually at some stage.. ugh.
  • worked out that real coffee is wonderful for some of my fatigue. But it has to be limited to well before 11am. It doesn’t fix the fatigue at all and of course rebound effects will occur. 
  • Got All The Worth Books out. I haven’t tried to do that before. I usually get a book out at a time. 
  • Got my monogram actually sorted. And have many nice ones to use for other purposes.

Do you see it? M is around the outside, d is to the left, and B is on the right. 

So maybe not a monogram, but it scales nicely as well.