a nice day means maybe sfx work?

I wanted to work on Ahsoka this week, but the weather never really cooperated. Today and most of yesterday it has.

So today will be getting my Ahsoka tano montral cleaned and ready for latexing. And hopefully get some latex going as it will cure nice and quickly so I can get it to form the shapes I need.

But I wanted to have a very clear place to stop working on the patterns before tackling something so very different.

So I worked on a new monogram yesterday. I’ll be using them all but this one is nicely reflective of an earlier scrolling design.

I may try to make it match more. Okay I did navigate away from the page and I think I have an even better monogram sorted.

And luckily I already had drawn a schlappe on my figure already so I’ll be able to just add some cuts to it to match the pattern.