busy patterning

Hats of several kinds. I need to add seam allowance to some as I have added some to a few already. The aim is to allow them to be laid over each other to see how changing a few dimensions adds volume and where.

Next though I picked up some books from the library. I’ve had a few out before but wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! “The House of Worth 1858-1954″ is a book I need to buy for myself as it is wonderful for details!

So nice to see the size of the stitches holding the piping in place of this bodice.

And all these views of the electricity gown!

No more views of the Sunburst gown, I think what is on the Met’s website is it for the foreseeable future. But there are so many glorious images that help to understand just how very remarkable the House actually was. 

Right throughout there is a very clear consolidation of lines and patterns. They are stripped back as far as possible. That of course varies over the decades but generally this is very true. 

And there are good photos of plain tabliers with beading just like the sunburst (though of the more common type of floral and symetric patterns.)