updates are not linear

I think, I think, my site is now fully transfered to the https address. It was a very frustrating day yesterday clearing cache across three steps between site and my monitor, so all links should redirect to the secure site now and now I just have to get google to start using the new links.

It was a day of great frustration and energy spent fixing something that really shouldn’t have been that difficult. But here we are.

I’m following it all up today as well. Trying to fix the error redirect as of course everything is now a bit not quite right.

The weather is not fully okay for being outside but it’s not too cold indoors even without the heater so I may just see if I can get part of my pattern book up. This means making a new template which I’m not entirely excited about. But it should at least offer a chance to have font changes for titles and for text.

Still got some Very Big Thoughts to get written up.