patterning continues

Today I copied over 5 shirt patterns and 6 hat patterns to go into my book (double scale for some on graph paper and scanned, next step is to create the inkscape line art.) Now all that is really left is a partlets and a few puffed sleeve options. Oh and how to combine the skit and bodice patterns and finally a Nederlands style variation illustration so that it neatly combines all of these.

The shirts (hemden) needed a bit of work to make them easier to visualise changing sleeve and gore sizes but I think I managed it. Two plain, one high neck, and two gathered variations should cover everything.

And the hats fortunately are very easy to simply scale as there is so much gathering to fit.

I may change the url and name of the website section/book so as to reflect that these are just garments, the fact that they are based on my own wardrobe should not limit who uses them. The patterns are also intended to allow people to choose which parts to keep and which to switch out for a more familiar system. I am trying to give explanations for how the pattern shapes work in an historic setting and how they can be of use in a modern.

So yes it’s taking a fair bit longer to work on than copying my patterns directly. They aren’t intended to be directly scalable but I have had a chance to teach this and my victorian system and there is a definite wish for that to be so.