excited but very sore

One of the problems with living with a permanent pain and health condition is that there are very definite challenges to wellbeing of every state.

Right now I am in a great deal of pain. It’s my own fault, I accidentally turned powter to my PC off before the power was fully shut down * and so when I turned it back on it was a bit borked. 

I took the time it needed to self heal (which it does pretty darn well) and made the studio presentable. The back wall is now able to be used for photos 🙂

But the winter has been wet and the ground under the garage has definitely been wet and so it’s very musty. Possibly more than I could see as now I have some sniffles.

And then after my PC was all good I decided to continue the reorganising in my bedroom. I got all my drawings and prose in my pnk ring-binders which is nice. 

And I got my loose costume history notes put together and at least have my important documents in one place.

And finally all my cutting pattern book notes are in one place as well.

Today I am far too sore to even contemplate more time at my computer desk, but this means I can rest properly and not continually think on these messes that had been weighing on my mind.

Yes, taking this back to the opening paragraph. Wellbeing of the mind can be affected by more than the medical. It doesn’t always result in full mental health changes but can be unsettled by unresolved issues. Like having the studio being a dumping ground of Things for months. I can’t see it every day but I know it’s there.

Knowing that I can use that space any time I want to means I don’t think about it in negative terms now.

There has been a physical cost though. Luckily today I am in a position of using therapy I might not want to use all the time as well as therapy I do use most often (applied heat-not cold- and splinting.)

 * not sure what was still running- would be very nice for any process to keep the monitor awake