working on my pattern book again

I took a very long break for many reasons. No need to discuss them now, but yesterday was a day of trying to create a new monogram that is appropriate. I wound up with a few nice options, two of which are in line with the monograms I have seen- based on block letters, one though is absolutely me. It looks good with the figures, I’m just not sure how well it works with the patterns.

Outlined figure holding a hand up towards her face, clothed in the style of 16th Century Cologne. Three variations of a monogram to the left.

The top signature is actually great in terms of flow and using supports of one letter for the other. But it is curly. The middle uses all my initials and even makes the small d of “de” between the M and B.

The last flips the B around so that it fits as a rectangle.

I may see if I can use the first as a basis for a more block letter effect.

Oh I have it! Right.. time to try again. But the curly letters are going to be used somewhere.