Marie Antoinette progress

I am refreshing the courier update page hoping to see my parcel of steel boning goodness escape the airport (released by customs!) I’ve not bought steel before. But I think I have a plan on how to use both the steel and plastic boning I already have. And the excess plastic will be used for a potentially larger lobster bustle for The Mina.

Marie Antoinette petticoat- rolls of cotton bobinette cut and ready for stitching together.
Marie Antoinette petticoat- a pile of pinned strips of cotton bobinette. 
marie Antoinette petticoat- rows of cotton bobinette strips pinned and trimmed ready for edge treatments.

So far so good. The petticoat will be covered in ruffles and I decided that as the fabric is very light that I would go for a 3:1 gather/pleat so as to really ensure a soft and fluffy layer between the gown and hoops.

Marie Antoinette stays- Two layers of bobinette each panel, hip and bust gores and a narrow cotton twill tape for boning channels. The tape is on the inside.
Marie Antoinette stays- hook and eye tape being hand stitched to the centre fronts.

I really wanted a zip up the front of the stays after the practice in making stays like this for Broadway costumes. I decided on hook and eye tape to minimise any disruption to the front of the gown to be worn over the top. It is also why I am not using a busk. 

There is such a delicacy to the original gown that is enhanced by the length of the bodice and the drop from waist to hips of the panniers. So I’m trying to help that effect from the inside to outside.

The other thing about this gown is that it is very narrow front to back even by comparison to the other gowns from the same film.