moving and not moving

I’m feeling like I’m constantly falling behind and it’s more than a little overwhelming.

So yesterday I pushed myself a little while outdoors and also grabbed a little more cotton bobbinette as my plans for the Marie Antoinette gown include getting the new hoops made from the stuff as well as a fully ruffled petticoat as I originally planned but was worried would use up this delicious fabric. But it is starting to feel like I’m hoardin the stuff and too afraid to use it.

So I think I finally have enough at about the 20m mark.

Today I feel bruised all over but it’s also okay because I was able to enjoy yesterday.

I have a whole lot of thoughts to oganise as well.

The straw ban discussion has me quite unsettled. But I really need to take some time to explain why and today I would quite like to just enjoy the warm and toasty feeling right now after a super hot shower and after enjoying the short visit by the sun.