website changes

I have a sturdy laptop now so I am about to use it to make over my site while also making use of the heat of the sun and comfy sofa or bed.

Finally got my site logo in place but have not really been able to get it to work in a menu. There should be a way to do so but I keep breaking my themes when testing in a responsive environment!

Also testing new editor and it’s probably what I have been looking for recently while trying to format the pattern book pages!

And I have finally decided to push ahead with the Marie Antoinette gown, Mina, and the Upstage gowns this year. All of them have elements I can do from a resting position and I think the self sabotaging procrastination needs to end.

Fear based on real problems is still fear. It is still in the way. The solution though is not the same as irrational fear. The solution is to make hard decisions based on reality. So I am setting aside several projects I do want to do to focus on what will still bring me joy, still be fun.

It just won’t be everything.

So as far as the research stuff goes i’m going to focus on my pattern book and one other project rather than try and get back all those dress diaries, all those pages of WIP that were lost to the hack. I resent being hacked, I really am angry. And I have every right to- I did not do anything to invite it, in fact it’s clear i was doing something good to be such a tasty target.

But it doesn’t matter. I can resent how much it hurt my reputation by losing me to background noise. But it doesn’t fix it.

And there may not be a fix. But I do know I have been playing catch up for too long in trying to reclaim what was lost.

So. About to install a local copy of my site and see what I can do with templates.