More health and costume

I saw my GP today and explained my fears. That while I am still getting my tests to keep on top of the Rheumatoid Disease that outside my core team that it might mask other issues.

And explained that I have not ever had a succesful A&S visit. Because of assumptions about my ability to recognise the source of pain and other issues that are particular to people in my situation.

But I now have some help for the Fibro and a little extra short term help to enable me to get back to the stretching and exercise that helps.

And am reconciled to the fact that after 17 years of real pain signals my brain is a bit overwhelmed and is perhaps not shutting up for pain that isn’t so much not there but shouldn’t be as bad. Also I spent 99.99% of that or more without pain relief. Even when I needed it. So now I get to stop being hard on myself.

Yesterday did see some unpicking and restitching of a Padme Light Blue cloak. Today is for stabilising the seams so they can stretch safely but also keep the seam allowances in place.

So I am feeling a whole lot better with a plan for going forward.

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