I don’t know what i expected

But I did not expect to have fibromyalgia diagnosed by my rheumatologist.

If I wasn’t wandering around with a cough for the last year and wasn’t pretty sure my broken rib has made a bit of a mess in terms of muscle spasming in my torso I think I’d still have trouble with it as a diagnosis, but as much because of the extreme misunderstanding of it, as actually having it. Like it’s hard enough to have chronic illness let alone one that is basically your body SHOUTING instead of hinting that something hurts. People just hear that it’s not real pain caused by real reasons.

I mean I can give quite clear reasons for why I hurt where I hurt right now. But I can’t get it taken seriously. I’m coughing multiple times a day, it’s productive but apparently not preductive enough to count. But I went through this with my kidney stone too. I wound up in an ambulance and still not believed at the hospital.

And why? Thought I was drug seeking.

So no, I’m not exactly happy with a Dx that means more pain and less treatment.

(edited to add: I should state my rheumy is good, she didn’t dx to dismiss my pain but to help explain why I am so tired and so sore all the time outside of the damaged joints. It’s just as a disease it’s possible to mask potential future issues from my Rheumatoid disease-causing I have more nodules so it is definitely not confined to joint spaces. My cough might be asthma, it might be lingering viral stuff, it is not bacterial, but it’s aggravating my rib and so I know I’m sore all over from that. I’ll just tired of being sore and tired and it’s going on so long it just has begun to appear normal.)

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