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I’ve neglected my blog for a while, but it’s winter here. Long story short it’s very expensive to counter the cold and I have not been actively doing anything as it is too cold.

But I did get inspiration to make a far more appropriate costume for me this year. I’ve wanted to make it for a while, but I think my current health status means it is a more sensible option than lots of embroidery or sculpting. That said the cold means sculpting oil clay is easier than in summer.

Anyway. I want it to be a surprise as I haven’t done that for a while.

I do need to get some supplies to finish current projects too. And so I will need to pass on some materials. It doesn’t seem worth it to get all the photos I need but I will try today. The sun has been out since dawn which means today for the first time in a week it’s warm enough to actually Do Things!


So today will see some ironing of my red silk to get to work on Mina.

I also found some silver braid to unbraid and use for my Silver Saya y Galerilla y Jubon. I decided the ribbon just looks too flat and too much like an effort to hide the seamline that I am indeed hiding.

I really need a more delicate lace for my Marie Antoinette gown so will need to part with the 4 yards of lace.

The Elissa updating is going well. I am considering ways to make the net petticoat separate so I can use it under The Mina. I am well out of space for everything. So passing on spare fabrics is absolutely vital. Also extra costumes. Still got a few of those.

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