more slow but forward progress

I am still finding myself too sad to sew or make anything. The current surge of disease activity doesn’t help, but it’s not the whole reason.

But all my bushes are clean and reorganised into normal make up and facepainting categories again. And most of my pigment powders are sorted. I need to evaporate off a whole lot of orange for Ahsoka so that’ll be a while.

I did though also manage to get the really badly delaminated internal shelves of my make up case. Luckily the rivets were quite easy to pull apart and I have a stash of good quality ones of suitable lengths still.

So I just spend a half hour making a model in sketch up to replace the shelves with printed ones. Yes! A practical use for the thing! I may have to make some more, and may even print off come containers.


This is 150mmX155mmX3mm with sides another 40mmX3mm. The holes are 4mmD and centered and then 45mm apart. The same as the wood parts.

I think I’ll need to make the walls 4mm really. That would match the vinyl covering that has come right out. I’m wanting to reline the inside. Just not sure what to use. I may wind up just using the E6000 to really bond the vinyl to vinyl.

So. Next step is to get the courage to set the printer to handle printing ABS. So the bed will have to be cleaned and I’ll get some blue masking tape. Th ebed and nozzle need to be much hotter than I am using right now.

Oh, I could possibly even print some new handles for some of the brushes as wood and water do not mix.

On that topic. My cheapie brush sets have actually proven to be very durable indeed and even better than some of the art and some of the pharmacy bought brushes. I really need some more flat top brushes for the TV Sticks. I also really do think I’ll get some in orange. I mean the technique I use for Ashara is to use white and apply wet pigment powder to that and then blend with a flat top powder brush. It helps set it better than loose powder.

So TV stick in orange and maybe another roll of brushes as they really are that good. I think I got them on ebay.

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