relapse and slow doing

So yes, I think I can call this a relapse of my disease. It doesn’t look like what people think it is. So right my my disease is targeting the easy to access synovium so that’s around tendons and ligaments. And bursae in my elbows. So far only a small swelling on the backs of my hands (more bursae) but it is symmetric and I think is part of why it feels like my tendons are pulling from my knuckles to my elbows.

So last night I had 20mg of prednisone and this morning my face is all pink and hot.  So I’m going to go hunting for the Rheumatology nurse contact to let my Rheumy know. I can’t keep taking that dose but it’s the only tool I have right now that stops the damage. Codiene really doesn’t work in my relapses I have found- it’s much better in the recovery phase where pain is not induced by damage but by muscles and joints that have been hurt and it helps me get moving again. That is the phase where exercise helps too 🙂

But I would quite like to continue with my sorting out of my Stash as it’s a source of mental stress. Just like having sheets not quite properly fitted makes it more difficult to sleep- in that case it’s because I need to constantly adjust my blankets during the night. Easier to have them Just So from the start.

It’s another sunny day so it will be nice to spend some time in the studio while it is out.

My favourite make up tool box is made of wood and vinyl fabric and over time these have delaminated a fair bit. I was able to pull out most pieces as it really is that bad! Not sure how to handle some bits but I do very much need to get my make up kit sorted. Most of that is also just very light cleaning of brushes. It can be quite soothing as it distracts my mind and doesn’t hurt my body.

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