enfys nest

I wound up really enjoying Solo after all. I did not expect to, to be honest I cannot get into the Smuggler story in SWTOR at all. And I am not terribly keen on the idea of making movies titled after individuals- but really this was an ensemble movie.

It felt a lot like the Bounty Hunter story in many ways. And it also felt like a prelude to a series of new movies.

Anyway. I wound up falling for Enfys. And in fact the entire gang. But even if this is their only appearance on film there is a rich world in novels, comics, and hopefully the next round of tv… I hope. Timeframes work well. And with a character who looks like Boushh??? That leads to more questions. Is this Boushh? Is what they are wearing cultural or a uniform or purely individual? So I’m personally hoping we get a few more stories at least.

But the parts list is very spendy! There are coaxial connectors- cheapest I found was $NZ35 for one there are 25 I think….- and then the boots!!!! And the fabric parts aren’t any easier to figure out to be honest. The cloak is shaped, shoulders are obscured by the collar (buffalo, seriously!!!) so it’s possibly helped with some darts? And the suit underneath is mostly a dark brown oilcloth but with some dark blue patches.

The teeth I can do. Looks like a single mold used judging by the two crease lines I can see on the top curve.

The shoes I can mostly do myself. Just need to find some simple sandshoes.

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