congrats here’s a cold

I realised I have been able to travel three times this year thanks to friends offering sleep space and more. So fantastic.

Disability is incredibly isolating. And once upon a time Social Media was a lifeline. Now… well with how timelines are manipulated it’s quite the opposite.

It’s easier than ever to find another disabled person on the other side of the planet, but connecting to friends and family? Totally relies on how their SM feeds are set up. There is nothing we can do as individuals to be part of that. It is up to everyone else to know how to tidy their feeds.

It requires going through ad preferences for one, which can be overwhelming if you haven’t had a look in a few months. Every single like or click on a post winds up affecting that directly. And thus fills up your feed. And actively choosing “hide post” and any other directions after that to either hide the person or the content. It’s a constant. Not a one off.

Anyway. I do currently have what feels like the start of a cold. Not surprising. I also have been having skin issues- any scratch or nick in my skin becomes a super enticing place for bacteria that normally are perfectly happy as background actors.

So time to have a rest. All I want to do is eat and sleep. So pretty sure it is indeed a cold.

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