pattern book

I was able to publish the first 52 pages as a pdf- it’s not complete but is of use to people who are familiar with the era at least and are able to use it as a guide.

On google-drive.

I thought I had been smart and converted files for the web before I left this weekend so to be able to quickly upload text and images to the site. But I goofed up and forgot to resample so lots of grainy images of no use.

So it will take the week.

The rest of the text is going to take a lot longer. The images as well.

Over the years I’ve tried to take my site from the old html days of extreme personalisation into an almost bland style to fit in with most social media and across most devices. Hyperlinks are now blue rather than the deep pink I love, there is high contrast between text and background, no background even in the margins. And I try to actually spellcheck.

It’s also been hampered by a huge loss of information and trying to get that back (there is some junk code from copying and pasting in old blog posts for instance.)

I may never get the thousands of images captioned here but I am aiming to do so with the book. Its not that easy, due to the nature of costuming- many terms are quite specific and meaningless out of context.

The point of the book is to present how a pattern piece looks when on a figure and when it is flat. The main aim is to be a fast reference to be able to look at a painting and find a pattern element that fits.

That said, I thinkĀ  the format is familiar enough: the text describes the image and explains what is going on.

So hopefully I can use that. I’ve been trying to do this to work across many devices. I am still trying to use less informal sentence structures to make it easier on text-to-speech devices. The following link is very useful; I’ve been using extensions and other sites but this is helpful as a start.–cms-27634


Okay so now I need to batch convert those images and have a rest.

I absolutely burnt myself out making those images over the last month so need to pace myself now!

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